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Why IOM?

Post-Pandemic World needs Digitally Enabled/Transformed Healthcare Ecosystems.


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IOM Products & Services

Bio-Medical Procurement
as a Service

IOM makes your Medical Devices, Equipment, Surgicals & Diagnostic Consumables Procurement Simple and Hassle-free. Coupled with Annual Maintenance, and Insurance Protection, our Procurement as a Service model lets you outsource your Biomedical Functions 


If you are looking for a new, custom, breakthrough, niche, turnkey and disruptive Healthcare Delivery Centers, Hospitals, Clinics, OPDs, Emergency Care, PHCs, CHCs, Mobile Health Centers MHCs - IOM is your perfect Design Partner - who can help you with Ideation, Concept to Prototyping Journey and Pilot Testing your vision.

Healthcare Information Systems

IOM can design, build, launch and operate your Healthcare Information Systems at scale. We are experts in integrating hospitals, clinics, diagnostics, pharmacies and healthcare delivery centers using Information and Intelligent Software Solutions.

Digital Transformation

 IOM can help you derive a Roadmap towards Transforming existing delivery models into Digital, Futuristic and Secure Health Platforms. Our team has a successful history of delivering enterprise-scale Digital Transformation of Healthcare Ecosystems including Government Healthcare Systems of top nations.